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Learning about Mental Health


Challenge: Throughout our communities in the Diocese of Camden people encounter topics concerning emotional health, or have family members affected by mental illness, social anxiety, bi-polar personality, drug and alcohol abuse, parenting difficulties, marital problems and separation, grief and loss, and domestic violence, and many other mental illnesses and emotional trauma.  For many parishioners these are frightening or confusing terms, and yet the subject of emotional health is very serious and certainly a key element in the health of Catholic families and individuals.  Parishes might like to avail themselves of subject matter experts in order that they become better informed on the issue of mental health.


A Tool from Catholic Charities:


Catholic Charities’ Behavioral Health program is available to all parishes for public education sessions about the above and other mental health topics which can be tailored to the needs and circumstances of the audience.  Pastors and Parishes should feel free to contact Ms. Sylvia Loumeau, Director of Behavioral Health, at 856-342-4162 or by email at Sylvia.Loumeau@camdendiocese.org, for assistance in designing a parish public education session on a very wide variety of topics related to mental health, family difficulties, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug abuse.